Dungeons and Dragons Online brings back its popular Crystal Cove event with a few tweaks


It’s time to jam on your pirate hat, affix any sort of bird to your shoulder, and head out to Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Crystal Cove for some good old fashioned treasure hunting.

Standing Stone Games announced that the popular Crystal Cove event is back once more. New for 2022 are additional rewards and significant streamlining of activities: “Treasure Map Pieces no longer appear in-game, and are no longer needed in order to open the door to the Crystal Cove Collection Challenge. The Challenge is now open as long as the event is running.”

Some of the new rewards include a cosmetic shield and axe, special rubies, and a Diamond of Festive Strength +2.

The studio posted a starter guide to get newbies up to speed on the event, so check that out. The Treasure of Crystal Cove is active and will continue through October 2nd.

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