Sea of Thieves launches its latest limited-time adventure The Sirens’ Prize


Players of Sea of Thieves know by now that the game loves its limited-time adventures, so the fact that there’s a new one available isn’t really surprising. All the same, there is a new adventure on deck, and once more it looks like pirates of the game’s world have some underwater problems to contend with.

“With a portentous prophecy now looming over the Sea of Thieves, and whispers of Heralds and rituals beginning to circulate, it can only be a matter of time before pirates find themselves embroiled in more intrigue ahead of a brewing confrontation… one that fate itself seems to have declared inevitable. […] It’s time to take a dive! Talk to Larinna and she’ll point you in the direction of Belle, who needs help in her search for powerful secrets in the Sunken Kingdom.”

This latest portion of the overarching narrative will be playable for pirates between now and Thursday, September 29th, so those who are interested in dealing with very angry merpeople have some time to swim deeper into the affair. Quite literally, by all accounts.

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