Albion Online previews the changes coming to its next guild season when it starts on Saturday


It’s time for the 17th season of Albion Online’s guild battles to kick off on Saturday, but one thing that you have to acknowledge is that the developers are always trying new things when it comes to this content. Case in point, this particular season is actually going to be shorter than prior seasons, but the last week is going to feature triple point rewards from territories. The idea seems to be that by making it a bit shorter and increasing the rewards toward the end, there’s more opportunity to shake up the standings.

Other changes include alterations to Crystal Arena ranking to add additional sub-steps along the way to ranking up and giving everyone a booster to make it easier for guilds to establish hideouts in the Outlands. Check out the full rundown of the changes on the official site, whether you plan to gun for the top rank or are just looking forward to some changes that’ll let your smaller guild have a more relevant place in the conflict.

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