Arcane Waters sails into a fresh playtest with treasure finding, updates to the perk system, and a new tutorial


It’s a new month, a new weekend, and incidentally a new playtest for the pixel-styled pirating MMO Arcane Waters. The game has offered up a fresh test build for selected players to try out that brings a few new things and updates some of the features from its last playtest.

One such feature that’s being expanded is the perks system, with new perk trees and perks for farming, guns, and mining. Incidentally, the mining tree is where players can learn how to make a pickaxe, which can yield more ore from veins versus other tools. On the subject of tools, the new build is also adding shovels that can be used to find buried treasure.

Last but not least, this patch has applied some of the first series of updates to the game’s tutorial section. Specifics on just what has changed aren’t detailed in the patch notes, but the devs are asking players to roll a fresh character and give them some feedback. Those who are selected to test the waters have between now and Sunday, September 18th, to sail the new seas and explore what has changed.

source: Steam
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