Elder Scrolls Online offers a quick preview of some of Update 36’s targeted ability adjustments


The Elder Scrolls Online is getting yet another combat update to the base game when Update 36 arrives – that much is probably not a surprise. The question of just what is changing, however, is the question that’s likely on the lips of many fans, and the devs have provided at least the first glimpse at some answers.

To start, the post confirms that there won’t be any sweeping changes or themes as the devs will evaluate the impact of previous game updates. Instead, there will be a focus on bug fixing and some targeted adjustments to abilities, sets, and passives. The post then offers up a small preview of some of these adjustments that will touch the final hit of Templar’s Backlash, the Occult Overload star in the Warfare constellation, and the Advanced Species passive of the Warden class.

“There will be a few other adjustments outside of the ones listed, but you can expect most of them to be smaller number tweaks, bug fixes, or performance improvements,” closes the post. “This should largely bring everyone up to speed on what to expect for combat adjustments in Update 36.”

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