Warframe replaces the Prime Vault with a ‘new and improved’ Prime Resurgence


Prime ‘Frames have been something of a rotating novelty in Warframe, basically letting players buy fancier and stronger versions of existing robot suits for cash money in something known as the Prime Vault. Earlier this week, however, the vault was completely shut and replaced with a “new and improved” version of Prime Resurgence.

Regular fans of Warframe likely recall Prime Resurgence as a 10 week-long event from last year that “unvaulted” a number of ‘Frames and made them available through earnable or buyable currencies. That same system effectively holds true now, both awarding Aya currency through completing in-game missions that can be used to purchase specific Void Relics to assemble a wanted Prime and selling Regal Aya currency that can be bought directly with Platinum. Incidentally, the price of Regal Aya has not changed since the event first launched.

Digital Extremes ultimately sees this replacement of the Vault as a net positive for players. “We saw a clear opportunity to improve both Prime Vault and Prime Resurgence, bringing more value to the program for the Warframe community and ultimately, more Primes into [players’] Arsenal,” the post reasons. In other words, goodbye vaulting and hello Prime shop.

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