Guild Wars 2 previews October’s PvP balance patch

Hooray, I won!

While August’s round of class balance changes were aimed at Guild Wars 2’s PvE scene, the next batch coming in October are meant to bolster the “competitive” side of the game, according to ArenaNet.

The studio posted a preview of the coming October 4th balance update, saying that one of its main objectives was to revisit elite spec tradeoffs. “For this update, we’ve started to look at these unnatural tradeoffs and evaluate whether they’re still necessary for the balance of the game. In many cases, we’ve simply removed the tradeoff, with the expectation that these specializations can still be balanced in other ways,” ArenaNet said.

The studio broke down the PvP and WvW changes for each class, adjusted torment builds, and reworked many of the game’s 300-second defensive (“oh crap!”) cooldowns. Each class received some developer commentary and explanation regarding the changes, with the Warrior receiving the most attention to its elite specializations.

Source: Guild Wars 2. Thanks Bruno!
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