Elder Scrolls Online’s Firesong DLC and Update 36 arrive on PC November 1


We all know that Elder Scrolls Online is getting a new DLC release and new update by now, and most regular fans of the MMORPG also likely know that it’s the start of a string of informational posts and hype-generating reveals in the run-up to its release. So it begins with the game’s recent website update, which runs down the general features of Firesong and Update 36 as well as outlines launch dates for PC and console.

First off, those launch dates: Firesong and Update 36 will arrive to PC players on Tuesday, November 1st, while console players get the content two weeks later on Tuesday, November 15th. In Firesong, players will visit the isle of Galen, one of the four isles of the Systres Archipelago, where they will have to quell a conflict among several groups including the druids of Tamriel.

“The Firesong Circle have attacked their fellow Stonelore and Eldertide druids, while House Mornard simultaneously suffers relentless raids from Sea Elf pirates. In the face of these two growing threats, you must defend the people of Galen, investigate the motives behind these attacks, and put a stop to them before their chaos can spread to the rest of the Systres.”

Players can look forward to a new standalone quest as well as additional quests that bring the Legacy of the Bretons saga to a close should they complete the quests for Firesong and High Isle, leading up to a confrontation with the Ascendant Lord in the heart of Y’ffelon. On top of story content, the DLC will add a new patron for Tales of Tribute in the form of the Druid King.

In terms of Update 36, players can expect features like target markers that can be placed on enemies, a text-to-speech feature, the ability to hide class pets in towns, and various housing-related quality-of-life features that let players link their homes in chat, see a list of the furnishings in a home they visit, better align wall-mounted furnishings, and see whose house they’re visiting as well as how many people are present in a home more easily. The update will also make several targeted ability adjustments that were previewed by the devs earlier.

PC players who want to get their feet wet in this new content and provide their feedback can look forward to a PTS release of Firesong and U36 today, September 19th. As for the main game, there’s been a recent patch that adjusts the Mara’s Balm item set and one of Graven Deep’s boss encounters among other things.

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