PlanetSide 2’s PTS applies Outfit Wars fixes, changes tank cannons, and tweaks empire main cannons


The guns of PlanetSide 2 are getting a tuning in the shooter’s PTS, so to speak. The test server saw a new build go live over the weekend that tweaks some of the game’s cannons and applies more fixes to the seemingly ever-broken Outfit Wars mode.

Two of the aforementioned Outfit Wars fixes – one to remove a disconnected player as a participant and another to address bypassing the observer camera via character suicide – went live just ahead of the weekend, while a few more fixes related to UI matters and hitching during the mode are available for players to test.

On the subject tuned guns, the patch has modified the velocities of tank cannons as well as lightened the gravity of tank shells, while empire-specific main cannons got an audio update and cleanups for physics and visual issues. The notes also state that an alternative VS cannon is in the works but won’t be included in the current build.

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