Undead Labs partners with The Coalition to make State of Decay 3

State of Decay 2 racks up 11M lifetime players


After a long run with State of Decay 2, Undead Labs is moving forward with the next game in its zombie survival franchise. First announced two years ago with a teaser trailer in 2021, the presumably multiplayer State of Decay 3 is becoming the product of a collaboration between Undead Labs and Gears of War studio The Coalition. Both studios are based in Seattle.

WCCFtech reported that Xbox Game Studios Head Matt Booty mentioned the product in a recent podcast, saying, “You mentioned Undead Labs, they’re working with The Coalition up in Vancouver, our Gears of War studio, using some of the technology around Unreal Engine 5 and some of the stuff that’s been in Gears of War before to bring that into State of Decay 3.”

Booty noted that Undead Labs is still devoted to developing State of Decay 2 which “continues to grow its user base” with a total of 11 million lifetime players.

“All of that, the things they are doing there, are really the testbed, the proving grounds, for all the stuff that’s going in State of Decay 3,” Booty said.

Source: WCCF
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