World of Tanks details a new 7v7 mode, kicks off a new event, and readies the return of the Waffenträger


World of Tanks players are going to be seeing some new things coming to the battlefield, most notably a new 7v7 competitive mode known as Onslaught. This new mode pits two teams against one another in Tier X battles where players can capture points to engage special abilities, take on certain roles complete with role skills to assemble a team comp, and climb ranks on a leaderboard, all on updated maps with features meant for duck-and-cover tactics.

Onslaught mode is the party piece of Update 1.18.1, which also adds new personal reserves and grants all players a free Sixth Sense perk. This update is currently available for public testing for players who want to check out Onslaught and offer some feedback, provided those players have created a WOT account before September 4th.

In the meantime, the game is offering special missions based on WWII’s Operation Market Garden that awards consumables, garage slots, and flag emblems. This event runs between now and Sunday, September 25th.

While we’re on the subject of events, a new lore post also hints at the return of an event that features the super-powered Waffenträger tank. Regular players may remember this event as a 7v1 affair, but the lore post suggests that there will be multiple electricity-firing tanks on hand for this year’s edition.

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