Elder Scrolls Online starts testing Update 36 and the island of Galen


Despite Elder Scrolls Online already being pretty flush with volcanoes and lava fields, it’s about to get a few more thanks to this fall’s big content update. ZeniMax began testing the upcoming Galen zone yesterday along with all of the adjustments and new features bundled in Update 36: Firesong.

The new region adds another island to this year’s Breton archipelago: “InĀ Firesong, you can explore Galen, one of the four islands of the Systres Archipelago. Abundant and fertile, this isolated isle northwest of High Isle has long served the druid circles of the Systres. Galen features overgrown forests, inhospitable jungles, snaking lava rivers, woodland spirits, and creatures unique to this part of Tamriel.”

Even if you don’t elect to purchase the DLC, you’ll still receive the benefits and adjustments of Update 36. These include a new target marker system, housing improvements, the ability to hide pets in crowded areas, and scaling emperor bonuses in PvP.

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