Here’s how World of Warcraft’s PvP is changing in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

And then it all went tits up.

It’s easy to miss a thing or two about the various changes to Wrath of the Lich King Classic if you haven’t been following it super-closely. You probably don’t need the newest video to explain to you how gearing will work if you have memories of the expansion when it was new to World of Warcraft, for example. But you might have missed that Wintergrasp is going to work as a 120v120 instanced battleground instead of an open-world zone, so that part of the video might have you sitting up and asking for a replay.

WoW Classic players can check out the full video below (it’s rather lengthy) covering, for example, how the two factions will share access to Wintergrasp (if someone on your faction has a winning buff, everyone gets access to the zone rewards) and how the Arena changes will work (no more team ratings, just personal ratings and you can group freely). If you’re looking forward to getting all in on PvP when the classic expansion launches on September 26th, it’s well worth a watch.

Source: YouTube
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