Riot’s new League of Legends novel may be tied into the upcoming MMORG


Ardent League of Legends fans were treated to a brand-new novel earlier this month that is set in their game’s universe — and may have important implications for the secretive MMORPG that Riot Games is building.

The novel Ruination released on September 6th and is written by Anthony Reynolds. This is significant because, as Riot MMO lead Greg Street pointed out on Twitter, Reynolds is also heading up the narrative for the upcoming game. Taking that statement into account, one might infer that the book includes elements and creatures that will be incorporated into the MMORPG.

However, we are still waiting for more official announcements that hopefully will be forthcoming. On September 15th, Street said, “So speculate away, but remember it is all just speculation. When we have announcements to make I assure you that you will not miss them. Though even those may shift and evolve over time, live games being what they are.”

Source: Twitter, Amazon via Reddit
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