RuneScape lets Ironman and regular players fight bosses together, preps subscribers on fresh start world access


RuneScape’s weekly update is primarily about combat, which might not seem terribly novel to most gamers except for the fact that the patch mostly affects who can fight together and what players can fight. Specifically, Ironman mode players can now group up with regular players for boss fights, and the formerly group-centric Solak boss fight can now be taken on solo. The patch has also balanced Zamorak’s boss loot table and released the Dagannoth King pet rework.

The newsletter for this week is also calling attention to the systems that will let subscribers access the game’s upcoming fresh start worlds, as the ability to change membership bonds into passcodes for access to these worlds, which Jagex talked about earlier, is also available today. As a reminder, fresh start worlds open up next Monday, September 26th, while instructions on how to prepare an alt account for fresh start are in the newsletter.

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