Wild Terra 2 adds new tutorial context, opens a mining camp, and changes animal husbandry in latest patch

Small, angry.

The sandbox of Wild Terra 2 has put out a new patch that touches on a variety of things without any particular single theme other than “make game better.” That means there’s a new narrative addition to the tutorial, a new mining camp, and new features for the game’s animal husbandry system.

The actual tutorial content isn’t much right now – the devs added a small plot portion that explains how a character gets to Elion – but the patch notes point out that work on the new tutorial in Elion is still underway as the devs try to bring mechanics that would otherwise not be known to players to the forefront on top of new story, quests, locations, and characters.

Some of the patch’s more substantive content comes in the form of a mining camp that lets players engage in trade, take on new quests for miners, and try out two new types of mining food. The animal husbandry system has also had an update that sees animals age (and therefore not produce offspring or resources) and grants baby animals a small chance at getting one of 15 unique bonus that increases if the parent also has a bonus. The patch also makes some general changes and fixes several bugs, all of which are outlined in the notes.

source: Steam
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