Black Desert PC preps events in anticipation of Heidel Ball, adds a fruit that grants a sparkle pony


If you happen to own the Mythical Arduanatt horse in Black Desert and you want to make it extra sparkly and showy, then you might be excited to learn that all it takes to make it happen is to feed the horse a piece of fruit.

That’s right, this week’s update for the PC version of the MMORPG adds the Quturan’s Fruit item, which can be bought at a vendor and fed to the mythical horsie to give it a whole bunch of alabaster, wintery sparkliness to literally everything it does. “While we initially thought of a more arduous process to obtain this appearance, we felt that the process of awakening a Mythical Arduanatt was rigorous enough, so we felt it only fair to have a far simpler process when changing its appearance,” the patch notes explain.

If you don’t have a special pony, don’t worry; this week’s patch has also ramped up the chance of getting higher tier horses from breeding, increased training mastery XP gains by as much as 75%, and has added higher tier wild horses to the world among other equestrian-related updates.

As usual, the new week in BDO also brings new events, and this week’s events are all centered around this Saturday’s Heidel Ball presentation, including a buff-granting fountain that can be visited once a day and a bundle of free goodie bags to collect. And if you happen to be new to the game and complete some steps, you can get a free in-game cat.

source: official site (1, 2)
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