Fallout 76 shows off the cosmetics awaiting in the Season 10 battle pass


Just in case you weren’t paying attention to anything coming out of Fallout 76 these past few weeks, the game’s most recent update opened up its version of Pittsburgh, PA, aka The Pitt as the highlighting feature. If that wasn’t enough Pittsburgh for you, there’s also the Season 10 scoreboard battle pass available for players and highlighted in a recent video.

The preview grants a look at the various cosmetics and weapons that players can unlock as they move along the board, from weapons to power armor to a unique multi-level house and distinct housing items, all put to Fallout’s customary mixture of hyper-violence and classic tunes. If you’re among those folks who haven’t been walking across the scoreboard since last week, you can get a look at all of these City of Steel goodies in the video after the break.

source: YouTube
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