Lord of the Rings Online patch adds nine new class/race combos and sings a new Minstrel tune


While it’s not the big Before the Shadow mini-expansion that Lord of the Rings Online players are anticipating for later this year, today’s Update 33.2 is fairly noteworthy for its own reasons. Prompting players to roll up more alts, SSG added nine new class and race combinations on the character creator, such as Hobbit Lore-masters and Dwarf Captains.

But overshadowing this change to the game, even, is a massive — and controversial — rework of the game’s Minstrel class. The studio put an end to Minstrels specializing as yellow-line buffers, changed up the effectiveness and rotation for each of the class’ three stances, and radically adjusted several talents and skills.

Update 33.2 also made a slew of PvMP changes, sped up progression through the legendary item reward track, and added new cosmetics to the upcoming Harvestmath festival in October.

Source: LOTRO
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