Satisfactory’s Update 6 brings new ammo for weapons, new aliens to contend with, and new gear

Sadly, we do not get to witness this doing lots of fun things to the frame rate.

What’s your favorite thing to do when playing Satisfactory alone or with friends? If you’re thinking about wandering around and sticking tons of explosives to innocent wildlife in the hopes of making something interesting happen or at least doing fun things to your game’s frame rate, the game’s most recent update is exactly what you’ve been longing for. Well, all right, assuming you are also longing for more explosives to attach to creatures and more creatures to attach explosives to.

Supposedly you can also build things in the game, but who does that?

In all fairness, this update is much more focused on exploration, combat, and giving you new ways to interact with the world; that means more ammo for your rifle as well as the new types of explosives, new spitters for various biomes, new enhancements to the Swamp biome, and so forth. There are also new gear options for Head, Body, Back, and Legs, so you can make yourself a more formidable presence as you go exploring. Check out the trailer just below or load up the game right now to enjoy Update 6 in all its glory. If you don’t already own the game, it’s on sale this week in celebration.

Source: Press release
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