Aion Classic’s subscription is about to be much cheaper – and more rewarding


Aion Classic’s Siel’s Aura – essentially a buff that grants hefty bonuses and unlocks to a subscription account for the game – is about to get simultaneously more lucrative for those who pay into it and slightly less essential for those who don’t, as NCsoft is planning a revamp of the whole system.

“Siel’s Aura has always been the key to unlocking the full Aion Classic experience for your account, granting all of your characters the ability to fully reap the benefits from EXP gain to item drops,” the studio says. “After careful consideration, we’ve made some changes to bring that true Aion Classic feel to every player, with price reductions, and benefit changes—whether you’re able to subscribe or not!”

For starters, the price itself is cheaper, between 33% and 39% cheaper depending on how long you sub up; the 90-day pass, for example, is now $26.99 rather than $42.00. The experience rate under the buff is doubling, while Kinah and Abyss Point acquisition will be half again as lucrative. Free players will also see some perks, with two hours of benefits daily and a restored basic experience rate – no more debuff.

The update to Siel’s Aura is expected next week on September 28th; you can check out the whole chart of what’s changing and what’s not on the official site.

In other Aion news, the European version of the game is currently previewing the 8.4 update, which includes the Daeva Pass, new Aphsaranta Corps quests, new transformations, and a third season of Kerub’s Short Tutorial. It’s slated for “soon.”

Source: Aion, EU
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