Fractured Veil invites its third wave of testers and runs over bugs in latest patch


Closed testing of the zombie survivalbox Fractured Veil is once again doing what it should be doing: finding bugs to kill, which leads to patches like its most recent one that clears out a variety of discovered problems and applies some other updates.

This patch addresses bugs that prevented quests from being turned in, kept players in alternate realms when using the game’s veil travel, and affected totems during sieges, on top of a long list of bugs that were specifically found by players in the test. The update applies improvements to each of these different game systems like easier to understand quest text, improved ranged attacks from mutants during sieges, and smoother veil travel overall. This patch has also heralded the third wave of Kickstarter backers arriving to the game’s closed test, which is noted by developer Paddle Creek Games as “the biggest wave yet.”

As a refresher, Fractured Veil is a self-described “open-world online survival game” set in a post-apocalyptic version of Hawaii. We first caught notice of it in February 2021 when Paddle Creek was looking for testers. The game has reportedly been in development for five years prior to its Kickstarter campaign, which made just over its $100K funding ask last September, and has since been in closed testing for about a year at the time of this writing. Early access was slated for this year, but a date has yet to be formally announced.

source: Steam
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