Tower of Fantasy’s latest 2.0 preview trailer teases the story beats of the Vera region


Sure, there are places to visit in the upcoming region of Vera when Tower of Fantasy puts out its 2.0 update, but there’s also plenty of story content to experience while visiting those places, and if you’re among those who play this shared world RPG for the narrative, then this new trailer is just for you.

As one might expect, the trailer is generally vague about what story arcs may be present when the Vera region opens up to players, but it does a great job of setting the scene: one of isolation, destitution, but also of people determined to survive despite it all. It’s also got more shots of the desert region, the cyberpunk city of Mirroria, and laser-spitting robot worms. Naturally.

There’s still no release date for when the 2.0 update will go live, but there’s certainly some hype to bathe in waiting in the video below.

sources: press release, YouTube
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