Fractured Online deploys bug fixes for monster spawns and meat ahead of a community stream


So what’s the biggest problem you’re having playing Fractured Online? Hopefully your answer to that question was less along the lines of “no motivation to accomplish any tasks in the game” and more along the lines of “I can’t make every cooked meat into a dried meat sack” because the latter is what the latest bugfix patch addresses. There are other fixes as well for monsters, too; for example, monsters with a Challenge Rating of five and above will no longer spawn in the southwest, while those with a rating of four have gotten a bit rarer.

Some duplicate spawn locations have also been removed along with correcting a despawn timer bug. All good stuff if you’re enjoying the game and want to make sure it’s being played as intended. You can get a better picture of that intended play by watching the community stream going live today at 11:00 a.m. EDT, with studio CEO Jacopo Pietro Gallelli going live on Twitch to answer community questions with Gamigo’s support. Check that out if you want to know a little bit more about the game’s development.

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