Gundam Evolution brings team-based mecha shooting action in its free-to-play release


If you love online shooters and giant robots of the Japanese anime persuasion – particularly those in the recognizable style of the Gundam IP – then this week has been a good one for you as Gundam Evolution made its free-to-play debut on PC as promised last week.

The first season of the game lets players hop into the cockpit (or the full body suit thing, depending on the era) of 17 different kinds of Gundams, five of which were added for the launch. Each suit brings its own unique combination of offensive, defensive, and support skills, while players can battle in casual or ranked matches and one of three game modes. The opening season is scheduled to run until November 29th.

Thus far, player reviews for the game on Steam sit on “Mixed,” with most players remarking that the shooter is fun but calling out connection issues that are counting as a ragequit and penalizing them inaccurately. That said, its opening week appears to have drawn a fair bit of interest on Steam.

sources: press release, official site, Steam, SteamCharts
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