Omega Strikers is an open beta 3v3 game of high-speed soccer from former League of Legends devs


Are you ready for some football? Or soccer? Or a 3v3 game with some extremely colorful characters that runs at a speed that’s much faster than normal soccer matches? Then you’re ready for Omega Strikers, a new competitive 3v3 online title from Odyssey Interactive, a dev studio created by former lead devs of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

Odyssey Interactive describes Omega Strikers as “a competitive multiplayer game that weaves in goal-focused objectives, physical fun and knockouts, and character depth and mastery into thrillingly fast-paced matches.” Players can choose from a host of distinct roster members, each with their own unique abilities. The first team to five goals wins, and a team must be two points ahead in order to secure victory. Matches can be played in a variety of arenas and in ranked, unranked, and private lobbies.

The game recently entered its first season/open beta, which has introduced a new striker by the name of Asher to the roster. Future updates promise more new maps, new Strikers, and new ways to play with every season, as well as a launch on mobile with full cross-platform play between mobile devices and PC. In the meantime, open beta is available on Steam for those who are interested.

sources: press release, official site, Steam
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