Pantheon Rise of the Fallen talks travel and taming in latest video


When it comes to getting around the world of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, you should consider having a mount, which is the subject of the game’s latest video as it grants fans an hour to talk about mounts, travel, and how the MMORPG’s taming system ties into both.

To even be able to tame an animal, players will first have to meet a requisite level and complete some quests to learn the associated taming skill and ability. After that, it’s a matter of finding a tameable creature in the wild, ensuring it’s not a higher level than the character, and having enough of the animal taming skill to succeed. Creatures will have five different attributes, with those stats being affected by animal type and level, and players will be able to take advantage of a stable to improve a creature’s stats as affinity grows.

Obviously, this will make tameable creatures turn into mounts, but the aforementioned stable and the creature’s Will stat are important cogs in the machine since an animal’s Will drains the longer it’s ridden, and once that dries up, it kicks players off and returns home. Increasing Will – and by extension making a mount more permanent – is tied to using a stable to train up a creature. Of course, if this is all too much of a pain, players can rent common mounts from certain villages; the taming system is completely opt-in.

On the subject of travel itself, it will apparently be a large portion of what players will be doing in-game, particularly as the devs want a “sense of arrival” when discovering new places, which boils down to making sure the map is large enough and traversal is challenging enough to make that matter. This ties into a belief that instant travel is one of the things that has gutted the MMORPG genre (and leads into a firm statement that there will never be flying mounts in Pantheon), but the devs also recognize that arrival’s impact will wear over time, so there will be some longer distance travel systems in place.

source: YouTube
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