Gamigo’s Grand Fantasia and Aura Kingdom update with new dungeon content


The Gamigo group was firing out content updates all over the place this past week, with two of its MMORPGs enjoying meaty patches with new dungeon challenges.

Grand Fantasia received Patch 42: Trials and Theaters, adding two “Mirage Trial” dungeons and a special Crystal Theater where players can pit their abilities — and gear — against bosses. Those who conquer the theater can earn a new gigantic Muscular Babama mount.

And over in Aura Kingdom, Patch 88: Dangers from Otherworld arrived with adjustments for the Lancer class and a swampy dungeon: “The villagers have always warned that the swamp of Candeo is dangerous and is filled with numerous criminals lurking in the dark. Unaware that the danger now comes from another unknown dimension, enemies of humanity have managed to penetrate and conquer the core of Candeo.”

Source: Press release, 2
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