Lord of the Rings Online solicits feedback on Guardian revamp and studio communication


With Minstrels on the receiving end of a huge revamp in Lord of the Rings Online’s latest update, Standing Stone Games may be turning its attention next to the tanky Guardians. In a forum post over the weekends, the studio delivered a possible vision for a class rework (mostly through decluttering skills) while also opening the door to community feedback.

“This is a very early peek into what I am thinking about for the Guardian mostly taken from my playthrough of the class at this point. None of these suggestions are set in stone — everything is very fluid and malleable and we are not looking at these changes coming to game any time before 2023 at the earliest,” SSG’s Orion posted.

The studio also opened a dialogue with the playerbase over SSG’s communications — namely, why there is a “perception” that the devs haven’t been talking to the players enough and how SSG can strengthen those comms in the future.

“I see a lot of statements here on the forums that our communication is lacking and I want to address that by providing an example and then asking for your feedback on how you think we could better interact or present upcoming changes to you,” Orion said, after which players chimed in with fairly insightful comments on the topic. It’s worth a read.

Source: LOTRO, 2
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