MMO turned visual novel Destiny’s Sword announces early access launch date of October 17


Last week we uncovered that Destiny’s Sword, the sci-fi MMO that predicated itself on maintaining the mental health of combatants, decided to drop its MMO aspirations and transform itself into a “living-narrative graphic adventure” – without any explanation or apology to those who backed the project on Kickstarter expecting an MMO. We circle back to this game once again as the now-visual novel will soon be playable when it enters early access on Monday, October 17th.

The announcement comes via a new trailer that touts many of the original game’s pitches, as players will have to manage the mood and mental strength of the squad and the video promises that “empathy will be [players’] most powerful tool.” The early access build will effectively be the game’s first episode, known as The Day We Feared.

We reiterate that neither developer 2Dogs Games nor its new publisher Bonus Stage Publishing has offered any official statement regarding the genre about-face, the game’s original Kickstarter page has no new details, both the developers’ and publishers’ Discords are quiet, and the September 12th livestream meant to explain the switch is still not available on any publicfacing platform at the time of this writing.

sources: Twitter, YouTube
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