NetEase’s heavy armor battler Tank Company soft launches on mobile


Do you have what it takes to be an authentic tanker? No? Well… um… do you at least have a phone? Oh you do because that other company guilted you into getting one. Good. At least now you can pretend at being an amazing tank commander thanks to the soft launch of NetEase’s Tank Company.

The app released this past week on Android devices, allowing 15v15 battles to rage across its digital landscape. “Tank Company is a massively multiplayer online tank shooter, where players can choose from over a hundred tanks that are based on real vehicles used during World War II and the Cold War,” the studio said.

NetEase said that some of the maps are up to one million square meters in size, which will be especially great if you’re playing in the “hide and seek” game mode. There’s also a mode to play in low gravity, which makes the next sentence in the PR all that much more impactful: “One of the most impressive aspects of Tank Company is its visuals and attention to detail.”

NetEase is handing out a bundle of goodies if you log in to play, including premium currency, a special avatar, and XP boosters.

Source: Tank Company, press release
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