RuneScape rolls back its live servers and Fresh Start Worlds because of an issue with the latter being inaccessible

It's bull.

So RuneScape’s developer Jagex decides that it’s going to launch a series of Fresh Start Worlds, a chance for people to start playing the game with everyone starting on equal footing. Good enough so far. The existing playerbase is not terribly enthusiastic about that, but that’s all right. And then the launch comes around, and it results in an immediate issue wherein players are being automatically tossed onto the live servers, resulting in a rollback maintenance for both the fresh start servers and the live servers.

No compensation for the time offline or the rollback has been stated in the official post; while maintenance is expected to take about three hours, there’s no statement of how far the rollback will stretch and how much progress will be affected. It’s certainly one way to kick off a server ruleset meant to bring new and returning players into the game again, but it definitely does little to entice more people to play with the prospect of further rollbacks looming.

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