Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff revamps magic, opens Windless Woods in newest patch


The multiplayer RPG Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff has magic in it – it’s literally in the title – but that doesn’t mean that magic can’t stand to take a little bit of improvement. Enter the Windless Woods update, which has done precisely that as well as opened up a new zone that bears the update’s name.

This new magic revamp features spell tomes that can be found around the game world or bought at vendors, which can then be channeled through staves or wands. Incidentally, players who already have a staff or wand on their character will see these weapons updated automatically, without the need to replace the item or their character. “It still needs some tweaks, but it feels great to be a magic user now,” the notes promise.

The other major portion is the addition of the Windless Woods, which features its own main story questline and promises a whole swath of new mechanics and features. The rest of the patch also touts more items, more crafting recipes, new mounts, and the addition of dedicated servers among many, many other features.

source: Steam
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