Aion EU teases the arrival of its own version of Aion Classic


Players of Aion here in North America have been playing a classic version of the MMORPG for a while now – since last June, to be precise – but EU players of the MMORPG have had to contend with simply playing the base game (though their version of the game gets updates before we do). It looks like that’s changing soon, as the game’s latest livestream teased Classic’s arrival to the EU.

The reveal closed out a developer chat that was primarily focused on the features of Update 8.4, as the broadcast ended with a shot of Aion’s original login screen and the promise that more news would be shared in the coming weeks.

Reaction to this news appears to be mixed: Some fans are genuinely excited, while many more are quick to step on that hype by calling out Aion’s other problems or rage at the MMO’s monetization. One way or the other, it looks like EU players are going to be flying into a classic server soon. Fans can watch the broadcast below; leap to the 1:13:40 mark to see the teaser for yourself.

sources: Twitch, Reddit
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