Temtem’s game director dismisses player aggravation related to cash shop dye costs


Temtem’s need to make money continues to butt heads with players’ perception of value. Earlier this month we reported on developer Crema’s reaction to its battle pass monetization, but now players are starting fires over the cost of cash shop dyes.

The latest kerfuffle is via shared Discord responses from game director Guillermo Andrades, whose replies to cash shop dyes oscillate between explanation and a shrug of the shoulders: One reply suggests that players can buy other items, another states that those who think something is overpriced should just not support the game, and another reply says that buying the game is support enough. “The less purchased items will rotate out eventually from the store, so if you think something is overpriced just don’t buy it and ignore. You don’t go to the supermarket and tell the cashier that the red bull is expensive,” reads one series of replies.

As one might expect, the clipped responses have started up a discussion about where the line is between supporting a dev team and the cost of that support, while others are calling out “passive aggressive” responses from the game’s lead devs. One way or the other, it doesn’t look like this debate is going away anytime soon among Temtem fans, let alone the wider MMORPG community.

sources: Reddit, Discord, thanks to Pepperzine for the tip!
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