Book of Travels adds keybinding and WASD movement with controller support incoming

Trook of Bavels

Do you like clicking to move everywhere? If so, you are the reason we can’t have nice things. Fortunately, Book of Travels has ensured that you no longer have to feel the agony of liking the game but not wanting to click to move, as the most recent patch has added support for WASD movement as well as keybinding support. You could probably bind movement to the arrow keys, if you really wanted to make someone’s eye twitch. There’s even plans for controller support in the not-too-distant future.

The patch also updates some options in the Options menu that were previously not fully implemented, like the volume slider for Voice, as well as cleans up a variety of bugs. While there are a few known bugs and there’s no actual content in this particular patch, hopefully the change in controls and the squashing of bugs will prove more than enticing enough for your purposes. Although if you’re waiting for the train and boat features that are supposed to be coming soon, it looks like you’re still waiting.

Source: Steam
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