EverQuest II’s Renewal of Ro expansion hints at a return to Takish-Hiz


It’s been a little bit weird to have to keep talking about EverQuest II’s very much in production expansion and its very much live prequel quest track without knowing the expansion’s name, but Daybreak has finally unveiled it: It’s called Renewal of Ro.

And if you thought you were getting much more than that, then you’re just not paying attention to how Daybreak does things. “More details about our next expansion are in the works so stay tuned,” Daybreak’s Jenn Chan says, though she does leave fans with a cryptic little teaser for Takish-Hiz. In EverQuest lore, it’s the Bablyon-esque elven homeland that was destroyed along with Elddar Forest and is now a ruin in the Desert of Ro.

Chan does also recap what players can expect from the rest of the year; preorder for the expansion, along with its beta, will kick off next month, followed by the game’s 18th anniversary and Extra Life in November. December will bring the expansion (with “new zones, new quests, and new adventures”) as well as the heroic opportunity system update.

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