Genshin Impact opens new Sumeru regions, adds three new characters, and launches events with version 3.1


Genshin Impact is nowhere near done playing in the desert. The multiplayer RPG’s latest version update is live, bringing more regions of Sumeru to run around in and three new characters to play as in addition to new featured events.

Sumeru now has three new areas open, to be specific – Hypostyle Desert, Lower Setekh, and Upper Setekh – with three new domains to challenge, new quests, and new fishing spots. The update has also introduced three more additions to the expanding character roster in the form of Cyno, Candace, and Nilou, and there are new weapons, new enemies, gameplay updates, and bug fixes as one might expect.

If all of the new stuff to play in-game isn’t enough, there’s also events on tap: A new web event is available that awards Primogems and other goodies, and tomorrow, September 29th, will start a harvest festival event with four different mini-quests to complete. Finally, the game is marking its second anniversary with a video full of stats and trivia about popular activities and favorite songs among players.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3), YouTube
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