New World players average 110 minutes per play session according to Amazon’s infographic


Amazon must be feeling pretty pleased with itself, seeing as how it’s turning around New World’s playerbase slump just as the game is turning one year old. To celebrate, the company has just released an infographic talking up some of the game’s numbers. To wit:

  • Syndicate is the most popular faction, followed by the Marauders. Covenant has barely a fifth of the playerbase.
  • People logging in play an average of 110 minutes; collectively, we’ve all played 569.1 million hours.
  • You’ve killed 17.3 billion NPCs, but 42M fishies.
  • More folks like to live in Windsward than anywhere else, but y’all love to fight over Weaver’s Fen in Everfall.
  • Cooking is the most-leveled craft skill. This is because food is delicious.

You can see the whole graphic below; it sounds like a deep-dive blog is coming this afternoon as well, and we’ll update with that when it’s live [Update: It’s live now; we’ll include it all below, but it’s largely a preview of the Brimstone Sands content already in development]. Happy birthday, New World.

Source: Press release
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