Aion Classic’s Wrath of the Storm update goes live with new instances and improved sub benefits


Update 2.4 has been the talk of Aion Classic for the past few days now, but the time for talk is over and the time for the Wrath of the Storm is now. This latest patch brings on several new and updated pieces of content and makes the game’s Siel’s Aura subscription potentially more attractive.

In terms of new content, 2.4 adds the new Araka dungeon, the Unyielding difficulty version of Beshmundir Temple, and the new 2-12 player Abyssal Splinter dungeon, as well as revamped versions of Steel Rake and Nochsana Training Camp.

The patch has also changed the number of times players can enter certain dungeons, revamped several quests and missions, lowered the number of items required to complete Balaurea daily quests, and applied a host of skill changes, among many other updates. Finally, the aura granted to subscribers doubles XP earnings, ramps up Kinah and Abyss Point acquisition, and reduces the cost of subscriptions by as much as 39%. All in all, this patch is a biggie.

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