Blade & Soul adds a new dungeon, Halloween, and the Musician class on October 12


Are you ready for the Symphony of Destruction in Blade & Soul? No, this doesn’t mean the MMORPG is collaborating with Megadeth, but it does mean that the game is getting a new dungeon, new events, a mount system, and the Musician class when it releases on Wednesday, October 12th.

The main attraction for the update is the Musician, the game’s 12th class. Reserved to female Jin, Yun, and Lyn races, the Musician turns a harp into a weapon, wielding music and melody to either deal damage to foes or bring support to allies (as well as the very real possibility of playing music in-game). Another major feature for the update is the introduction of mounts to make traversal faster. Details of these two features are promised to come soon.

The upcoming patch also plans to bring a new Grim Nexus dungeon to plumb; events like a windwalking race, the return of Halloween, and the return of the Treasure Trove; the return of the Ethereal Battlegrounds PvP location; new accessories; and updates to existing skills and systems.

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