New icons datamined in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight beta might mean official controller support is coming

You want to make a what?

If you’re already about to be a clever clog set to scamper off to the comments to note that World of Warcraft already has official controller support, you are correct. However, you have to set it all up manually and it’s not terribly intuitive. But new icons datamined in the most recent build of the Dragonflight expansion over on Icy Veins indicate that the game may be getting a full-on official controller support option, so you can just plug in your controller and go.

Whether or not this is an option you would personally want to use to play is up to each individual player, of course, but it does tie into the action combat option for targeting that was already implemented. The icons in question have illustrations for PlayStation, Xbox, and generic controllers, so you can be fairly confident that if this comes to the game you’ll get lots of options of how to set up your interface.

Source: Icy Veins via PC Gamer
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