Survival sandbox Grounded releases out of early access with new area and new features


It’s been just under three years since Obsidian Entertainment kicked off the early access period of Grounded, a survival sandbox that casts players as children who have been shrunken down to tiny sizes and must survive the dangers of their own backyard. Now, the game has made enough strides to call itself a launch product, complete with a 1.0 patch that released earlier this week.

The patch introduces the new area of the upper east yard complete with new resources, new angry bugs, and new tunnels; it also adds new Super MIX.Rs around the game’s map, more secret labs, more crafting recipes including a new crafting tier, a new stave weapon type, and new names for some of its resources. There are also several quality-of-life improvements, new story bosses, and a fully voiced and complete story arc to follow. Players who aren’t already trying to survive in the wilds of a lawn in-game can read the patch notes for all the details.

source: Steam
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