World of Warcraft outlines mandatory group loot and new special items dropping from raid bosses in Dragonflight

It just bugs me.

Don’t you love all of the drama and debating that can happen in a World of Warcraft raid when that raid uses group loot rules instead of personal loot? Because now you can have that again when Dragonflight launches, as a post on the game’s raid drop mechanics has revealed that players will have no choice but to use group loot in raids. It’s all right, though, because you can trade items you’ve won within your group freely.

In addition, the designers are adding another tier of items that can show up in raids to allow bosses midway through to drop higher-level loot but not quite at the same level of the final boss, as well as allowing for certain super-charged items dropped by individual bosses. You can check out the full rundown on the official site, which also confirms that loot drops will work according to the classic rules wherein you can get drops regardless of group composition, which can also mean bows dropping with no Hunters in the group or the like.

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