ArcheAge’s newest patch temporarily raises earnings and drop rates, adds a new buff to a faction statue


It’s never a good feeling when your faction in ArcheAge doesn’t have enough members in it, but maybe a change to a statue will help. The game’s latest patch has introduced a new buff to the faction statue known as War Time, which stacks with the Don’t Give Up buff that the statue already gives to the faction with the fewest members. This new buff ramps up toughness, resilience, and received healing, as well as reduces received siege damage.

Other portions of the patch are primarily focused on quality-of-life, with the ability to the Mobilization Order and Jury Invite UI, the end of the 10-minute cooldown for mailing and trading with the same person, and a few smaller bug fixes.

Finally, this patch brings the Golden Fall Double the Gain event, which does pretty much what it says on the tin: Players get doubled XP, quest honor points, vocation badges, and loot drops. The event runs between now and Thursday, October 6th.

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