Destiny 2 dishes on creating Season of the Haunted’s story arc and prepares a few minor updates


Did you enjoy the story beats that came out of Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted? Would you like to learn more about how that all came together? Then you’re just the person this extremely deep-diving dev blog is meant for as it talks about inspiration, ideas, and the development of the overall story with a couple of members of the game’s narrative team. For fans of the last season’s story arc that put Zavala through the emotional wringer, it’s time well spent.

As for in-game matters, the newest weekly newsletter is a bit thin in terms of news, offering up a small glimpse at an upcoming patch that will improve the acquisition of Season of Plunder weapon patterns and address a bug for finding the Deepsight modded weapon, confirming that Grandmaster Nightfalls come back next week, and showing off some of the newest Prime Gaming freebies.

source: Bungie website 1, 2)
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