Star Wars: The Old Republic brings its shiny new forums online

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No longer will Star Wars: The Old Republic’s forums be considered a “heap of junk” or a “scruffy-looking nerfherder.” BioWare proudly announced that it brought brand-new forums online last night with all of the assorted bells and whistles.

While all of the old forum’s posts were not wiped but happily migrated over to the new boards, BioWare admitted that there were some formatting and image files that it still had to straighten out. Community response to the new and improved forums was, on the whole, generally positive.

The devs said that this is only the beginning: “We are rolling out the forums in phases. We are currently in Phase 1, and when we are ready to deploy Phase 2, you will see aesthetic updates to the forums in terms of icons, and utilizing ranks and badges. So there is more to come!”

Source: SWTOR
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