Lord of the Rings Online delivers a tour of its upcoming Swanfleet zone


A whole new beginner experience is heading to Lord of the Rings Online next month thanks to the upcoming Before the Shadow content update. For players who are on the fence whether or not to drop $18 (or more) on the mini-expansion, Standing Stone Games’ World Designer Matt “Scenario” Eliott is here to take you on a tour through one of the two massive zones that the update includes.

Eliott claims that Swanfleet and its sibling make up the “two biggest” regions that LOTRO’s ever introduced. He said that the zones total 1500 “land blocks” (a world designer term) worth of space — for comparison, most zones in the game are usually around 500 land blocks.

It’s also in Swanfleet that brand-new characters have the option of appearing in an “Archet-like” area.

So if you don’t mind a few landscape spoilers and want to get a sense of the realm, check out the tour below:

Source: YouTube
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