Isometric MMO Broken Ranks adds an ice dragon fight and a PvP arena in latest patch


Remember Broken Ranks? It’s an isometric turn-based MMO from Polish developer Whitemoon Games we first started covering in May 2021. The game is effectively a remake of the studio’s long-running game The Pride of Taern. The game officially released this past January, and most recently Whitemoon laid out an update to its previous roadmap as it focused on PvE and PvP revamps.

Fast-forward to the game’s latest update and we’re back to new goodies being added – specifically, the game’s third boss instance that pits players against an ice dragon by the name of Valdarog complete with a quest line leading up to the fight, as well as the opening of a PvP arena feature that will also have league tournaments for players to join in on. Incidentally, Whitemoon says the schedule for these tournaments is on the way, starting off with non-league tournaments to help players get acclimated to how the system works.

The patch has otherwise applied some balance tweaks, big fixes, and other general gameplay features. The changelog for this patch, as well as some hotfixes that released shortly afterward, are available on the game’s changlog site.

sources: press release, official site
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