New World is launching its Brimstone Sands update on October 18

How charmingly old world.

You probably do not want to actually be anywhere that brimstone sand can form. It’s hard to conceive of a situation where the primary chemical construction of sand is straight sulfur instead of silicon dioxide, but if it happened, it would likely be unpleasant. However, it can be understood that New World is using the name Brimstone Sands for its next update to talk more about flavor rather than to actually share a truth about the sand’s chemical composition. Still excited?

Oh, right, you’d probably be more excited if you had a release date! Well, that’s October 18th, as the development team has just revealed on Twitter.

A lot of improvements and changes are coming with this update, including new areas, new quests, greatswords, a new leveling shakeup, and so forth. If you’re curious about all of that patch’s content we had a chance for a hands-on preview of what it’s going to look like, so if you’re part of the game’s slight resurgence in population you have plenty to get excited with when the patch rolls around in just over two weeks.

Source: Twitter
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